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GDMSS NAVTEX receiver with CCS certificate

Audio & Video Appliances
GDMSS NAVTEX receiver with CCS certificate


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Audio & Video Appliances  -  Other

Offer Post Time: 2017-07-21

Serial Code:

Model: HX-2600


Carriage: HK

Package: CARTON

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

Price: 440.00 USD


H-Field ANT

518KHz , 490KHz , 4209.5KHZ, 486KHz , 4 Chanels

CCS Certificater .


IEC-60945 (2002)





1. Receive Frequency: 518KHz, 490KHz, 486KHz and 4209.5KHz.


2. Can receive channels: Dual-channel (ie, a receiver operating in 518KHz channel, and the other receivers in the 490KHz / 486KHz/4209.5KHz switch between)


3. Sensitivity: Useful at-107dBm signal level, the bit error rate of less than 1% of Chinese and English error rate of less than 4%.


4. Selective anti-jamming performance: Blocking rejection ratio: In accordance with IEC61097-6 standards for frequency of strong signal interference, receive helpful information No less than 1% error rate in Chinese and English error rate of less than 4%.


5. Antenna Protection: In the antenna signal with no modulation amplitude emf30V Frequency range of 100KHz ~ 28MHz, 15 minutes after the device is still working properly.


6. Monitor specifications: 7-inch color screen display


7. Information storage function: Can store 200 messages, with an average of 500 characters each message, the storage time of 60 - 72 hours. Tag information can be stored permanently and you can not manually delete the.


8. External interface: an INS interface, a print output interface, USB interface.


9. Can be configured SII-DPU-414 type of thermal printing, the output format RS-232electrical interfaces


10. Sound the alarm: the volume of not less than 75dBA ~ 85dBA


11. Power supply: 12VDC ~ 36VDC


12. Weight: 1135 g


13. The technical conditions of the legal basis: IMO ResolutionMSC148 (77), IEC 61097-6, IEC 60945 (2002).



Feature :


. ID Bl shore station through the choice of animal husbandry and do not automatically reject the message information.


. through the ID of the message type of option B2 certain types of packets will not display, print or Sent to the INS interface, but the A, B, D, L type, except the message.


. a signal processor, LCD display, INS interfaces, antenna protection, information storage, such as whether Self-test function to work properly.


. At least each line display can show 47 characters, at least 12 rows of information display text.


. receive a clear display of characters "*" symbol.


. At least each receiver can stably store 200 average length of 500 characters of information.


. 8000 can store the length of individual characters of information.


. Each receiver 200 can store information within the identification tag.


. to avoid the display or storage has been correctly received packets of information.


. The received after 60-72 hours, information is automatically cleared from memory. If the receiver To more information than the storage capacity, the first of the information is automatically cleared.


. When the error rate is more than 33%, the receiver does not store or display the message information and information identification.


. The device's memory code information will not be six hours of power supply interruption is cleared